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My Journey to Mexico

I'm Nita Rao, a journalist based in Mexico City and host of the Lost in Mexico podcast. My husband (and Executive Producer), Kiran Iyer, and I are both Australians, lawyers (I worked at a Washington DC law firm and Kiran worked as a Baltimore public defender), and former World Debating Champions.

In December 2019, we quit our legal careers and moved to Mexico without speaking a word of Spanish, and without jobs, friends, or connections. There was something intoxicating about Mexico, and the more we learned the more we wanted to find out.


Lost in Mexico is a series about my journey to understand Mexico through conversations with Mexicans. After living in the US for four years, pretty much everything I heard about Mexico involved narcos or the border wall. In other words, what Trump thinks of Mexico. I wanted to know what Mexicans think of Mexico. And not just that, ordinary Mexicans: people who might not get quoted on CNN, but who can reveal something distinctive about their lives and this country. Each episode, I’ll be taking you on my journey, as I learn something new about this incredible country’s politics, music, food, and history. 

We hope you enjoy it!​

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